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I create a mirror that reflects what is essential about oneself, then a space of reunion with the being appears.

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A relaxing window.
In the vibration of light, the water of life.

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The places, their light... The sounds... the atmosphere.
An emotion evoked.

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The presence.
A gesture, a look.
From an image, self-knowledge.

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The frequency and its subtle vibration.

Geometry is the structure, the constructive architecture of our universe.

Original works created from a deep meditation and play.
From analysis and experimentation.

A harmonious touch of distinction that dresses your environment and feeds your soul.

Julian Cortary Series: Frequencies

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Light and movement.

Luminous atmospheres.
Moments of peace.

Intensely peaceful sensations.

The painting becomes a living object that transports the mind beyond the wall.

Julian Cortary Series: Breathe The Sea

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Travel and feel.

The wonder of stepping on another ground.

The charm of the atmosphere in the golden hour.

Carry a sign with you to relive unique moments.

Julian Cortary Series: Places

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What transcends.

Love immortalized on canvas.
An inspiration.

I hold my breath to make the stroke.

I recognize myself among the spots of color.

Julian Cortary Series: Portraits

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Julian Cortary

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